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Focus on… merino wool: the world's most versatile fabric

Wool is suffering from prejudices and beliefs still unfounded today. Before, the wool used was very hot, scratching, heavy and not very elegant. It was actually "classic" wool produced by other breeds of sheep and not by the merino sheep.


You can easily understand that if we are talking about this specific wool today is to show you the opposite and that behind this unflattering image, the wool has evolved and merino wool is a fiber simply exceptional by its finesse and its different properties. 


Here are the many benefits of wool that we will present:

-  Regulates body temperature

-  Neutralizes odors

-  Does not deform

-  Sweet and comfortable

-  Easily washable

-  Dry quickly

-  Durable

-  Biodegradable

-  UV resistant 



Merino wool has excellent insulation properties. Just like on the back of the sheep, wool protects against cold and heat.

Due to its physical structure, wool has the ability to trap a significant amount of air between each of its fibers, creating a buffer between the wearer and his environment.

Thanks to keratin, a protein that acts as a barrier to the environment, wool protects the sheep from heat and cold.

Ultra-light and breathable, the Merino sheep's summer wool keeps it cool when the temperature reaches 30°C.

In winter, an extra layer of wool is added to the sheep's summer fleece, and keeps it warm when the mercury drops to -10°C. These are all the properties that make our Merino Wool T-Shirts a must-have for every season. Whether it's first layer for winter or single layer for summer, Merino wool will follow you in all year long..




Due to its complex physical and chemical structures, wool has a natural power and a great ability not to retain everyday odors such as perspiration, smoke, traffic fumes, and kitchen odors.

This ability put in situation on our T-shirts will allow you not to trap the unpleasant odors of everyday life, unlike our friend cotton that delights in all its smells to offer you a wonderful condensed.

By nature, wool prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. In other words, she will never remember any body odor. No need to wash your sweaters: simply ventilate them from time to time to refresh them. Wash them only if they are stained.



The wool is resilient, with its elasticity and natural recovery, it does not deform. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the wool fibers are not straight but naturally have undulations known as crimps. Each fiber has a crimp, which means that in use, each fiber acts as a spring, so when the fabric is stretched, it returns to its original position by fibers's contraction.

The merino wool fibers thus return to their original state after having been compressed or stretched, thus allowing the garments to keep their shape when they are worn or during their maintenance.



If this material is as comfortable to wear it is largely thanks to its fineness, the finer is the fiber, the less it feels on the skin.

Merino sheep are renowned for providing the finest wool. This wool can be up to two times thinner than a classic sheep's wool and three times thinner than a man's hair!

The finer a wool is, the softer and more curly it becomes. The crimp, the undulations of a wool fiber, contributes to the swelling and lightness of a wool knitting yarn. This finesse gives merino wool garments a superior hand and a beautiful drape.



Woolen fabrics are easy to clean because dirt, soil and stains stay on the surface and do not become encrusted.

When woolen fabrics are cleaned, the wool fibers easily absorb water, and then, as a single case, they swell thus allowing easy removal of dirt, soil and stains.Good idea to associate with a clothing isn't it? 


Merino wool has the ability to react to humidity variation. The hygroscopic core of wool fiber can absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture (vapor), allowing moisture to move away from the body and evaporate.

This ability associated with its fineness that allows to evacuate even faster moisture and you end up with a T-shirt that dries in record time, much faster than those in cotton!




Under proper conditions, if we wanted to compost the merino wool, it would take about three months to biodegrade and disappear completely in the soil. Synthetic fibers are far from this result.

In addition, a merino sheep produces a new fleece each year using water, grass and air, nothing more.

This fleece can be removed without hurting the animal and is already so clean that very little soap and water are needed to clean it, merino wool is therefore part of an eco-friendly process benefiting all, the man is right here to reap the benefits of what nature offers us.

Finally, the merino wool used by Seagale is certified mulesing-free, without abuse for the animal.




As wool is the first layer between the skin of the sheep and the sun, it has a natural UV barrier that will prevent you from being exposed to radiation due to too much exposure to the sun.


Merino wool comes from an environmentally friendly production, not impacting the life of the animal and having exceptional properties far from what materials such as cotton can offer, which is however much more used. It is thanks to each of these details that at Seagale we trust the merino wool that makes life easier for thousands of people around the world every day.