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Focus on Supplex®: the soft, resistant and elegant fiber


Nylon was discovered in 1935 by Wallace Carothers, he was working for Dupont, an American chemistry company. Used in the manufacture of parachutes of the US Army during World War II, nylon quickly became a model of resistance to abrasion and various twists. Lightweight, strong and resilient, nylon has undeniable advantages.

Nylon is therefore neither soft or comfortable to wear, so it is not used a lot as the main fabric in the creation of clothing. In 1985, in order to take advantage of its ready-to-wear properties, the Dupont company created the Supplex®, a nylon that looks and feels like cotton while retaining the strength and durability properties of cotton. lightweight and resilient nylon.


We will show you those Supplex®'s benefits:

-  Resistant

-  Breathable

-  Dry quickly

-  Soft and textured

-  UV resistant



This is the main property of the nylon and so the Supplex®, the durability (impressive for the lightness) gives an exceptional material over the duration. There is a tendency to associate the lightness of a product with a certain form of fragility. This is not the case here since the Supplex® combines elasticity and important protective properties as well as a high resistance to abrasion and elongation.

Like most materials we use, the Supplex® is used in the context of hiking sports for its properties of resistance to brambles or rubbing against the rock.




Hydrophobic in its nature, Supplex® benefits from an open structure and evacuates moisture very quickly. This allows the user to be constantly cool thanks to a breathability foolproof. This is also the reason why it is widely used in the world of sport, especially for the followers of running or trekking. It allows both to face the elements likely to damage their clothes (abrasion, thunderstorms) and to quickly evacuate the perspiration and thus not to suffer from the humidity as part of intense efforts.

The Supplex® therefore gives you incomparable thermal comfort thanks to a regulation of the temperature of your body in hot weather by evacuating the heat and the humidity that you release during the effort.




This is THE feature that makes all the difference for Supplex®. After reading the advantages mentioned above one could say that there is necessarily an unknown characteristic that can slow you down in acquiring this material.

Before the creation of the Supplex® the advantages of the nylon stopped in the previous paragraph. But today thanks to the Supplex® nylon you can enjoy all these advantages with the softness and texture of the cotton without the disadvantages of the latter. Supplex® is very gentle. A light cotton softness that combines the benefits of high-tech fibers and the natural beauty of cotton.

As mentioned in our article on cotton, this material has many disadvantages that make it a fiber that we do not want to use for Seagale clothing design. Cotton still has some advantages, including the comfort and softness of its texture that are its main assets. Combined with the strength and moisture evacuation of Supplex® nylon, our material is made of ultra-strong and breathable cotton, or ultra-comfortable and matte nylon, for you to see!




Supplex® fabric offers effective UV protection of SPF 40 and higher depending on the fabric composition.

The search for clever mixes of life-enhancing features is an inherent property of each of our garments and the use of Supplex® in our shirts is a real pride for us. We are proud to present you with a shirt that gives you extreme freedom of movement, an all-round elegance, and that wrinkles alone, wicks away perspiration, dries quickly and is super-resistant to every perilous situation (or not) of your life.

The Supplex® makes your life easier. It's in the DNA of the creation in SEAGALE's clothing.