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Your days are always more active and full of unexpected things. We believe that what you wear should never restrict your activities.

That’s why we create versatile apparel, mixing performance with elegance, to help you do more with less.

How do we do this? By using the fabrics of the future, coming from the lastest textile innovations and made out of high performance fibers. By developing timeless styles, far from the usual aesthetics of technical garments.

Together, let’s create the first step towards a better consumption, with better quality and more versatile pieces of clothing.


Our clothing is made for all active people. You are always in search of high quality innovative products that help you get more freedom to enjoy every moment even better.


We use only high quality technical materials sourced in Europe.

Our fabrics are breathable, stretch, and are perfect for travel.

Our profound colours combined with tailored fits create timeless pieces.

The ergonomic cuts have been meticulously designed avoiding too much surplus material but enough for an optimum range of movement.

We only source high quality technical, materials from France and neighbouring countries such as Spain, Italy and Austria.

Our high-end assembly with sophisticated detail makes our collection easy to care for and built to last.

To ensure the best possible creation of our products, we use the know-how where it is situated in Portugal, Tunisia, France. We are partnered with specialist and experienced small-scale workshops.


SEAGALE (pronounce « sea-gal », French for « cicada ») started with two best friends spending every single summer holiday together on the French Mediterranean. The cicada in our logo is the seal of our hometown.

During summer 2013, we faced the usual problems with swim shorts regarding the style and irritation from the poorly designed mesh lining. From these complaints our first product is born: versatile and elegant swim shorts.

With a pinch of optimism in summer 2014, we developed and launched the first batch of our innovative shorts on the market. The response is fantastic; our stock is swept away by delighted customers and we receive wonderful press coverage.

We are rapidly evolving. What started with only a single piece has now become a complete line of highly technical apparel with sharp cuts and timeless designs. All of our line is inspired by our “joie de vivre” and the active lifestyle of our team and their environments.

Bertrand and Matthieu