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What's changing

­Since the creation of Seagale 8 years ago, we offer quality innovative materials at an accessible price.

How do we do this?
Through a direct model that limits unnecessary costs: design, communication, distribution and shipping without middlemen to give you the best pieces at the best price.

Despite regular increases in the costs of our products, never in these 8 years have we increased the selling price. Unfortunately, the latest news we got from our suppliers have forced us to adapt for the first time this year.

In order to let you enjoy the current prices, we would like to inform you in advance about a price adjustment as of October 1st.



What products?­­­

­­Our increases will be applied to all models except the ones we have released in the last few weeks. Sleep safe, the increase will be reasonable and we guarantee that we will maintain the excellent quality-price ratio that characterizes us.

Good news: thanks to you, we will be able to continue to offer always better quality and life-changing pieces. See you soon for our new season's products!

Soon 50€

Now 45€

Soon 110€

Now 99€

Soon 129€

Now 120€

Soon 395€

Now 349€